UNITY Biotechnology, Inc. Added to Russell 3000®, 2000® and MicroCap® Indexes

June 13, 2018 at 4:00 PM EDT

SAN FRANCISCO, June 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UNITY Biotechnology, Inc. (“UNITY”) (NASDAQ:UBX), a biotechnology company developing therapeutics to extend healthspan by slowing, halting or reversing diseases of aging, today announced that the company is set to join the Russell 3000®, 2000® and Microcap® Indexes, effective June 25, 2018, according to a preliminary list of additions posted June 8.

Annual Russell U.S. Indexes reconstitution captures the 4,000 largest U.S. stocks as of May 11, 2018, ranking them by total market capitalization. Membership in the Russell 3000® Index, which remains in place for one year, means automatic inclusion in the small-cap Russell 2000® Index as well as Russell Microcap® Index. FTSE Russell determines membership for its Russell U.S. Indexes primarily by objective, market-capitalization rankings and style attributes.

Russell indices are widely used by investment managers and institutional investors for index funds and as benchmarks for both passive and active investment strategies. Russell Investments determines membership for each index based on objective market capitalization rankings and style attributes.

About UNITY Biotechnology
UNITY Biotechnology is developing therapeutics to extend healthspan by slowing, halting or reversing diseases of aging. UNITY's initial focus is on creating senolytic medicines to selectively eliminate senescent cells and thereby treat age-related diseases, such as osteoarthritis, eye diseases and pulmonary diseases. More information is available at www.unitybiotechnology.com or follow us on Twitter.

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